fredag den 6. april 2012

[KLAMM] - Site specific in Copenhagen

THE LANDSURVEYOR enters an old shipyard on the fringe of Copenhagen. The monstrous building is propped with containers full of illusions and remnants of imaginary worlds. As the huge metal doors shuts closed behind her, THE LANDSURVEYOR is challenged to play by the rules of the space.

The KLAMM is an enclosed borderland where fiction merges with reality. 

B&W-hallerne at Refshaleøen in Copenhagen is an old shipyard that is now used by The Royal Danish Theatre for storage of stagesets, props and furniture from hundreds of theatre- opera- and ballet productions.

[KLAMM] is an independent graduation project 2012 by Maja Clementsen Hansen [BA Acting] and Sarah F. Jahn [BA Scenography] at Norwegian Theatre Academy. Inspired by events and themes in Franz Kafka's unfinished novel THE CASTLE.

Photos by Sarah F. Jahn, Karin Gille and Erik Johnsen

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