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Played at Vildskudsfestivalen '07, Rosenteatret, Får302, Copenhagen, Denmark (2007-08)

A stripped-down version of Hamlet featuring one actress, one director and one technician wrestling Shakespeare. A high-paced show dealing with failure and the dream of becoming an action hero - when you are in fact NOT and never will be.

HAMLET DESTRUKTIONEN follows young Hamlet in the last month up until his death, where he is being brutally beaten up by existence and overthrown by monstrosities such as a father with way too huge ambitions, Danish alcohol traditions, pirates and most important of all: his own inability to love himself, Ophelia and everybody else...

HAMLET DESTRUKTIONEN was a one-woman tour-de-force into the mind of Shakespeare's Hamlet. Through experimenting with deconstructing form, physicality, perception of gender and the act of storytelling, Aktoraret created a comically tragic vision of Hamlet that was dealing with the constant failure of being human and making theatre.
 HAMLET DESTRUKTIONEN had the concept of failure at the core of it's mythology. First of all, it was about a young man (Hamlet) failing to do what was expected of him and achieve purpose in his life. At another level, it was also about a young actress being unable to handle the burden of playing all of Shakespeares Hamlet by herself. And at a third level, the play became about the impossibility of fiction; as the reality of the actress crashes with the agony of the character, the narrative dissolves into an undefined empty space, where the audience can decide for themselves upon the authenticity of the action presented onstage.

Director: Liv Helm
// Actress: Maja Clementsen Hansen // Scenography: Cecilie Kubert // Producer: Maja Quist // Costume: Ulla Ramskov // Choreography: Nadja Engholt Kaspersen // Lightning design/Tech: Søren Knud Christensen // Music: My Beloved og Seven Mile Journey // Text: based on texts by William Shakespeare

Photo by Søren Knud:


HAMLET DESTRUKTIONEN was well received and reviewed.

"Aktoratet går løs på klassikeren med både fysisk og mental råstyrke. Udfordrende godt tænkt og fremragende gennemført" - Politiken, 5 hjerter

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