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DYING IS FUN....(Vera Nabokov)

"DYING IS FUN.....(Vera Nabokov)"

A show exploring the supposed personal struggle growing inside Vera Nabokov as her dying husband, the famous writer, asks her to burn the unfinished manuscript of his last novel; "The Original of Laura."
Having spend all her married life transcribing Nabokov's manuscripts and acting inspiration as well as non-inspiration for his female characters, Vera plunges into a deep moral and personal dilemma. The novels are partly her and most of the works are dedicated to her. Burning it would be betraying herself - not doing it would be betraying her husband's dying wish.

Vera locks away the 138 little handwritten index cards that is "The Original of Laura" in a safe. For more than 20 years, she refrains from deciding upon anything, roaming about in the shadowy crimescene realm of the deepest corners of her mind.

Of course the contents of this show are purely fiction and loosely based on the events following the death of Vladimir Nabokov in 1977. The focal point of this show is visualizing and staging the deep mind of a widow being haunted by the creatures of her dead husband's imagination. These becoming an inescapable curse of love and hate for the fictive women that shaped her life - and whose lives she shared and inspired.

Played at Norwegian Theatre Academy, January 2010
Created by Jon Skulberg and Maja Clementsen Hansen
Performers: Maja Clementsen Hansen, Ingrid Rusten, Karen Tømte 
Tutor: Reinart Mithassel

Photos by Jon Skulberg


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