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Nostalgia #3: TYREFÆGTER


Played at BASTARDEN, TeaterHUSET - June 18 - 21st 2008

Director: Mads Schaltz
Actors: Magnus Christensen, Piet Gitz-Johansen, Maja Clementsen Hansen, Kristine Elmedahl Johansen
Lightning Design: Kristoffer Lumbye
Playwrights: Emilie Bendix, Nicholaj Siltan, Sarah Otte, Pernille Jespersen, Julie Kirkegaard 

This performance event was curated by DRAMATORIET (an open lab for upcoming playwrights in KBH).
Each playwright had been given the task of producing a short text dealing with the theme Bullfighting (Tyrefægtning). The 5 texts would then be given to a team, consisting of 4 actors and a director, that would stage a show based on these works - adjusting and rewriting the drafts in close collaboration with the writers.

The five pieces varied from each other quite a lot in both genre, style and length;  some dealing directly with the act of bullfighting, others with the associations or contexts of bullfighting, still others only touched upon the theme, vaguely hinting at the ritual of a death match between man and beast.

The show required the actors to take on several parts, as the action moved from dreamy ritualism, to a deadly cartoonish tango, through kitchen sink drama and slapstick comedy, ending up on a death bed overlooking the bullfighting arena.
It dealt quite thoroughly with the mythologies linked to bullfighting as a social event, and how the themes of this often infamous ritual seems to reflect the choices and behavioural patterns of our daily interactions with the people surrounding us.

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